5 Benefits of Using Solar Power With Battery Storage


If you’re planning to have solar panels installed on your property, you may want to add a solar battery storage system as well. This type of system allows you to store excess energy produced so you can use that energy when the sun isn’t out or on cloudy days. According to the United States Energy Information Administration, developers plan to add 8.6 GW of battery storage power capacity to the grid, which would double the total United States battery power capacity. This would double the battery power capacity in the United States. Here are a few benefits of utilizing a solar battery storage system.

1. Lower Energy Bills

The biggest benefit associated with using a solar battery storage unit is that you can reduce your energy bills. This is because you can store the excess solar power that your panels are already producing, and use that power when your panels aren’t producing any incoming energy. Energy companies charge a lot of money for the power that they use, so making your own can result in huge cost savings for the average homeowner.

This is especially important if your property doesn’t get enough consistent sunlight to power your home at all times. In most cases, you will use and pay for electricity from your utility company whenever there isn’t solar energy available. With a solar battery storage system, you can save excess energy for later and avoid paying for electricity from the power company. You’ve stored your excess power, so you can use it. It’s important to note that you will always have some reliance on traditional energy companies, as you never know when you may need more power than what you can produce and store, or when you may experience an outage or downtime with your panels. However, installing a battery backup system drastically reduces your reliance on traditional energy companies.

2. Avoid Reliance on Overloaded Power Grids

Power grid systems in the United States are quickly approaching the end of their lifespans, and in many cities, are struggling to keep up with the increased demands of homeowners in the area. This is why some cities have rolling brownouts during the summer months. When you switch to solar panels and store your excess power, you’re doing your part to help these overload systems. If more people did this, it would be a huge burden lifted on these aging power grid systems.

3. Increased Home Value

You never know what will happen in life. You may be planning on staying in your home forever. But, if your plans change, you increase the value of your home by installing both solar panels and a battery storage system. This helps to maximize your value should you ever need to sell. Having such a system in place will impress potential buyers. They may even put in a higher offer to ensure that they get a home with solar energy.

4. Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

The world that we live in is changing, and some of these changes have to do with climate change and global warming. If you’re looking to decrease your carbon footprint and do your part to help the environment, you may want to install both solar panels and a battery storage system. Together, these systems will mean using the sun’s energy to power your home instead of using other power sources that aren’t as good for the environment.

5. Take Advantage of Incentives

The final benefit of installing solar panels and solar battery storage is that there are currently lots of incentives available to those who make the switch to solar. This is often in the form of a rebate or tax credit. With these incentives, you can save money on the initial installation of the panels and battery storage system. The exact incentives depend on your location, so be sure to confirm any offers with the solar installation company.

There are numerous benefits associated with using a
solar battery storage system. Whether you already have solar panels or you’re looking to have some installed, you should consider adding a storage system. Our team can help you select the right storage system for your needs and install it, ensuring you have the power you need when you most need it. Reach out to Northwind Solar today to discuss all of your solar needs and how we can help.


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