A Deep Dive Into the EV Charging Infrastructure Boom, Off Grid EV Charging Solution


The new National Electric Vehicle Strategy outlines a comprehensive roadmap to promote the adoption of electric vehicles in Australia. It strongly emphasises enhancing the accessibility, affordability, and reduction of emissions related to electric vehicles, with a particular focus on expanding choice and improving affordability for potential buyers. The strategy outlines several key measures to achieve these objectives, including:

Mandated fuel efficiency standard: Introducing a legislated fuel efficiency standard to limit greenhouse gas emissions from vehicles, ensuring an average level of carbon emissions across car manufacturers.

Increased model variety: Encouraging car manufacturers to produce more electric vehicle models.

Affordability: Assisting automakers in introducing more affordable electric vehicle models priced under $60,000.

Increased sales: Targeting higher electric vehicle sales than the total car market.

Expanded Charging Infrastructure: Expanding access to both DC (“fast chargers”) and AC (“destination”) public EV chargers, including NRMA’s extensive national network.

National Mapping Tool: Developing a national mapping tool to guide investment in EV network rollouts.

Battery recycling initiatives: Preparing for recycling, reuse, and stewardship programs for electric vehicles and other large-format batteries.

Promoting local manufacturing: Leveraging the Australian Made Battery Plan, National Reconstruction Fund, and Critical Minerals Strategy to stimulate electric vehicle manufacturing and recycling within Australia.


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