Aurora Solar Teams Up with EagleView to Enhance Solar Design Accuracy and Efficiency


Aurora Solar Teams Up with EagleView to Enhance Solar Design Accuracy and Efficiency

by Clarence Oxford

Los Angeles CA (SPX) Mar 07, 2024

In a move set to redefine the standards of solar project planning and execution, Aurora Solar, a leader in solar sales and design software, has announced a strategic partnership with EagleView, a pioneer in aerial imagery and geospatial analytics. This collaboration leverages three decades of engineering prowess from both entities to craft unparalleled solar solutions, aiming to streamline the workflow of solar professionals significantly.

EagleView’s cutting-edge aerial imagery and analytics are poised to integrate seamlessly with Aurora’s platform, offering an unmatched level of detail and accuracy in project planning. This synergy is expected to empower solar professionals to prospect, plan, and validate projects with an unprecedented degree of precision, all while eliminating the need for physical site visits.

Key Benefits of the Aurora-EagleView Partnership

Aurora customers stand to gain a myriad of advantages from this partnership, including access to superior high-resolution imagery. With aerial photography offering sub-one inch resolution, the combined Aurora and EagleView solution covers over 94 percent of the U.S. population, providing seventy times more detail than traditional satellite imagery. This level of detail ensures that solar designs are as accurate and reliable as possible, fostering trust between solar professionals and homeowners.

Moreover, the integration brings high precision 3D roof models to Aurora’s toolkit. This addition enhances remote solar design outcomes, leading to an increase in installable projects, reduced costs, and minimized delays that often arise from redesigns and renegotiations. The comprehensive property data and imagery from EagleView are instrumental in creating more accurate and trusted proposals, ultimately enhancing the overall homeowner experience.

A Commitment to Advancing Solar Design Accuracy

Carina Brockl, CRO at Aurora Solar, emphasized the company’s dedication to investing in the industry’s most trusted platform. “As solar continues its unprecedented global growth, we’re delighted that our groundbreaking partnership with EagleView will deliver new benefits to our customers as we double down on our commitment to design accuracy,” Brockl stated.

Echoing this sentiment, Peter Cleveland, VP of Solar at EagleView, highlighted the significance of combining Aurora’s and EagleView’s capabilities. “Joining Aurora’s industry-leading solar capabilities with EagleView’s powerful property intelligence and analytics provides solar installers with an all-encompassing design and sales solution that drives results,” said Cleveland. He further stressed the timely need for such advanced tools in the industry, underscoring the potential to enhance the experience for both solar professionals and homeowners.

A Leap Forward for the Solar Industry

The partnership between Aurora Solar and EagleView represents a significant leap forward for the solar industry. By harnessing the power of advanced aerial imagery and precise analytics, solar professionals can now approach project planning and execution with a new level of confidence and efficiency.

This collaboration not only promises to improve the accuracy of solar designs but also to streamline the sales process, making solar installations more accessible and appealing to a broader audience. As the solar industry continues to grow, such innovations will be crucial in maintaining momentum and ensuring the successful adoption of solar technology across the United States.

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