Austria’s RP Global to Build Solar Power Plant with Battery Storage in Serbia


The proposed solar power plant is located near the village of Čalma, north of Sremska Mitrovica, and is currently in the early public consultation phase. RP Global’s subsidiary in Serbia, RP Global Solarne Elektrane, will spearhead the development of this project.

The chosen site spans approximately 201 hectares, with a significant portion, 93%, designated as cropland. This land use choice hints at the potential for the solar power plant to be constructed as an agrisolar power plant, a concept that is increasingly popular in the region. Agrisolar projects integrate agricultural activities with solar power generation, offering a dual benefit of energy production and land utilisation. Several similar projects are in the pipeline not only in Serbia but also in neighbouring countries like Croatia and Montenegro.

The project aims to define the maximum space available for installing a photovoltaic power plant with a capacity ranging between 10 MW and 100 MW. The facility will also incorporate a battery energy storage system, a key feature gaining traction in the Serbian renewable energy market.


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