CEC Updates PV Module Approved List to Meet New International Standards


The transition to the 2021 IEC 61215 Standards will have several implications for the solar industry:

Non-compliant PV modules after 1 October 2024 will lose CEC approval, potentially affecting eligibility for STCs.

Retailers and installers are advised to account for the time needed to clear existing stock certified under the 2016 standards.

Manufacturers, importers, and distributors should note that the CEC offers reduced fees for PV module applications certified under the 2016 standards submitted before specific deadlines. After 1 April 2024, the CEC will no longer accept applications with 2016 certification.

To maintain CEC approval beyond 30 September 2024, manufacturers and importers must submit new applications for PV modules certified under the 2021 IEC 61215 Standards.

Clear communication throughout the supply chain is crucial to manage the transition effectively and to clear obsolete stock.


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