ClearVue Secures $30M for Commercialisation of Solar PV Glass


The ATM Facility offers several key advantages for ClearVue Technologies:

Timing control: One of the primary benefits of the ATM Facility is the control it affords ClearVue over the timing of capital issuances. This control is essential for optimising the net proceeds with minimal dilution.

No complex mechanisms: Unlike structured financing solutions, the ATM Facility doesn’t involve complicated or expensive mechanisms. It simplifies the process of capital raising.

No restrictions: ClearVue is not restricted from raising capital through other methods simultaneously. This ensures maximum flexibility in their financial strategy.

Collateral and buyback option: ClearVue has agreed to place 10 million shares from its LR7.1 capacity to Alpha Investment Partners as collateral for the ATM facility. Importantly, ClearVue can buy back these shares without incurring termination costs, subject to shareholder approval.


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