Delhi Consumers Search for Solar Solution amid Generators ban


To control pollution in Delhi, Government has taken many initiatives such as Electric Vehicles, Rooftop Solar, and more. From 15th May 2023, there are some changes in the generator running policy. Consumers can operate those generators which have the double option – Diesel as well as CNG. We already know that Generator has some drawback such as noise, recurring cost of diesel, maintenance, and manpower. If we talk about the use of generators, then the commercial and industrial sectors are major markets in India. 

What is an Alternative Option of Generator?

An alternative option for a Generator is an off-grid solar system / hybrid solar system that is environmentally friendly and works silently. A solar panel system works 300 days a year. It’s free of cost source of energy. Solar energy is good, but there are some challenges as it’s not a reliable source of energy. Sometimes will be cloudy weather and sometimes will be the rainy season, but end consumers will have regular power consumption. In this case, the National grid will fulfill this requirement but there is some situation in which power cut is happening in some areas. At that time, it will be very difficult to operate in any commercial and industrial sector. If we manage these situations, then solar energy is a very good option.

Which capacity of the solar system is sufficient for C&I sectors?  

It’s very difficult to answer because nobody knows how much power consumers of your businesses have. So, we provide a site survey to understand your business power consumption pattern (minimum, average, and maximum power consumption). Based on the site survey, we provide a perfect solar solution for businesses. Major consumers want to power backup solutions as well as reduced electricity bills also.

For example, if you have a hospital and want to get a power backup solution, then you can choose a 5kWh/10kWh/15kWh/20kWh solar system solution. Avg. price of a 5kWh off-grid / hybrid solar system is Rs. 5,15,000 including products, delivery, and installation. Solar System has less maintenance, but you need to invest 2% of the total system cost for service and maintenance.

Which is the reliable solar company in India?

Headquartered in Faridabad, Haryana, India, Loom Solar Pvt Ltd is one of the fastest evolving solar-technology start-up that continues to innovate in residential solar space. Founded in 2018, the organisation has kept itself ahead of the curve introducing products like mono solar panels; grid connected AC Modules, shark bifacial in shark series etc.  An ISO 9001-2015 certified company recognised by Govt. of India offers the widest range of solar panels from 10 watt to 530 watts and has a manufacturing unit in Haryana confirming the ‘Make in India’ mission. Besides presence across 500 districts with over 3500 resellers, Loom Solar is embracing ‘Digital India’, with its products easily available across India and on ecommerce platforms such as Amazon, Flipkart, and  

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