Does Solar Work in Snow? Unveiling the Winter Truth


Does Solar Make Sense for Me and My Home?

Solar energy is a versatile and sustainable power source, but its performance can easily be influenced by weather conditions and environmental factors. So, if you are wondering, “Does solar work in snow?” The answer is yes, solar panels can generate electricity in snowy conditions, as long as the snow does not completely cover the surface. 


Homeowners should be aware of the possibility of reduced efficiency and electricity generation under specific circumstances or temperature changes. There is a chance you will have to rely more heavily on the utility grid during specific months throughout the year to cover your monthly utility consumption. 


However, with net metering programs, during the summer, excess production created by your system is sent to the utility grid and credited back to you, and these credits can then be used to make up for less production in the winter. 


Homeowners who add home storage solutions like batteries or generators to their systems will also find they can continue to save on electricity costs. Solar power makes sense for homeowners throughout the country who experience snowy conditions or harsh winters. With Blue Raven Solar as your installation partner, you can access the power of renewable energy and receive savings all year round. 


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