The size of a solar system is typically measured in kilowatts (kW) and refers to its capacity to generate electricity. The average size of a solar system can vary widely depending on several factors:

Energy needs: Energy consumption is the first and most significant factor influencing system size. Larger homes or businesses with high energy demands will require larger solar systems to meet their needs adequately. Smaller residential properties might only need a 5kW system, while larger homes may require 10kW or more.

Location: Solar insolation, the amount of sunlight an area receives, varies based on your location. Areas with more sunlight can generate more electricity from smaller systems. Therefore, the average system size in sunnier regions may be smaller than in areas with less solar exposure.

Roof space: The available roof space for solar panels also plays a crucial role in determining system size. If you have limited roof space, install a smaller system or use more efficient solar panels to maximise energy production.


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