Harting’s Global Offshore Wind Report Case Study


The 2023 Global Offshore Wind Report marks a new frontier in the global growth of offshore wind. Our analysis shows that over 380 GW of offshore wind capacity, across 32 markets, is predicted to be added in the next ten years. There are plans in place for offshore wind to provide large scale, renewable energy in every continent in the world, save for Antarctica. This is excellent news for both the planet, and an increasing number of communities who want, clean, reliable electricity to power their lives, develop their local economies, and boost industrial growth and jobs. 

For the 2023 edition, the report was launched at GWEC’s inaugural Asia Pacific Offshore Wind and Green Hydrogen Summit in Australia. This new, annual event recognizes the huge offshore wind opportunity for the Asia Pacific region. Indeed our report shows that nearly half of all offshore wind installed worldwide in the next ten years will be in this region, from an ever greater number of new offshore wind markets.

Want to learn more? Download the report for more information.   


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