An experienced and knowledgeable solar contractor can provide high-quality, personalized solar installation services. They can guide you through choosing the number and size of solar panels, install them professionally, and offer tips to make the most out of your solar system. EmPower Solar, leading solar company on Long Island and in the Greater New York City area, is helping homeowners and businesses access solar energy’s cost-saving benefits. Here are some tips for finding reliable solar contractors.

1. Research Local Solar Contractors

Local solar contractors are usually the best choice for solar installations. Each state has different regulations and tax incentives for solar, and a local contractor will know how to work within those guidelines. Local contractors are also easier to access and may better understand the area’s weather and climate. This helps them suggest ways to maximize your solar system’s productivity. EmPower Solar serves homes, businesses, and communities on Long Island and in the greater NYC area. We serve Suffolk County, Nassau County, Brooklyn, Staten Island, Queens, and Westchester. If you have a home or business in one of these areas, let us help you find the best solar solution for you.

2. Determine Their Commitment to Quality

When hiring a solar contractor, look for a company that takes pride in its work and prioritizes quality. Our mission at EmPower Solar is to provide our clients with high-performance solar systems. We’re also guided by core values that revolve around providing exceptional customer service and solutions that exceed expectations. These values include professionalism at every step, teamwork, client focus, and a commitment to clean energy for New York residents.

3. Assess Their Team

Look for solar contractors that complete their own installation projects without outsourcing labor. This helps you understand who will be working on your property and the experience they bring. Our team at EmPower Solar is comprised of highly trained and experienced solar professionals who have completed more than 5,000 successful solar installations. We have a team of solar design experts, engineers, service technicians, and installers who are passionate about solar, clean energy, and client satisfaction.

4. Evaluate Their Pricing and Financing Options

Switching to solar can be a significant investment, and some customers may look to finance to make it more affordable. Look for solar contractors that offer transparent pricing and financing options. Some may provide referral incentive programs. At EmPower Solar, we offer three financing options for our customers: outright purchase, lease, and financing. With a lease, you don’t pay any upfront costs and only pay for the solar energy produced. Solar financing allows you to make monthly payments, but the system is entirely yours after finishing payments. Our team can help you evaluate these options and decide the best one for your budget and needs.

Choose EmPower Solar for Quality Solar Installation

EmPower Solar is a solar contractor providing Long Island and New York City residents and businesses with quality solar energy systems. We are committed to customer satisfaction and clean energy solutions. Contact us today to schedule a consultation and learn more about our expertise and experience in designing and installing personalized solar solutions.

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