Key to Australia’s Renewables Target


Australia’s ambitious 2030 renewable energy target is within reach, and a new report suggests that the key to achieving this lies in the widespread adoption of rooftop solar. With a federal target of 82% renewables in the National Electricity Market (NEM) by 2030, the government must explore innovative approaches to meet this goal, as it still needs concrete policy mechanisms.

Rooftop solar, already a powerful force in the energy landscape, offers a significant opportunity. A report from Nexa Advisory proposes establishing a National Distributed Energy Resources (DER) Policy and Coordination Office to consolidate the fragmented efforts of states and companies. By harnessing the growing number of Australians participating in rooftop solar, this approach can facilitate the transition to clean energy.

Nexa Advisory’s CEO and founder, Stephanie Bashir, emphasises that Australia’s clean energy transition has faced obstacles. While significant funds have been allocated to initiatives like Rewiring the Nation, the challenge lies in constructing new large-scale renewable generation, batteries and the necessary transmission infrastructure to deliver clean energy to consumers. Obstacles such as vested interests and ineffective community engagement hinder progress, and the solution, according to Bashir, is to empower the people.

As per the Clean Energy Council, rooftop solar is already making a considerable impact, representing 25% of the grid’s installed capacity. It frequently supplies nearly half of the NEM’s midday generation peaks, and, notably, in South Australia, it met all energy demand on one Saturday afternoon in September. Read more about Rooftop Solar Continues to Lead Australia’s Renewable Energy Transition.


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