Midwest solar installers launch solar ecommerce marketplace Sunhub



Sunhub, a new solar ecommerce marketplace, recently launched its Solar Trader Platform to the public. The online marketplace allows customers to procure panels, inverters, batteries, DIY kits and more.

Sunhub was developed to provide solar customers access to equipment they need when they need it. With this mindset in place, Sunhub is always seeking new ways to help facilitate transactions between installers, distributors, manufacturers and the DIY community. The platform was developed by Ohio-based solar installer Yellowlite.

“Solar Trader Platform’s launch signifies our dedication to fostering collaboration, promoting innovation, and accelerating digital growth within the solar industry,” said Kadeer Beg, partner and COO at Sunhub.

The Solar Trader Platform’s technology allows buyers and sellers to anonymously negotiate terms using a chat-based system run by a Sunhub solar expert. Terms will be negotiated in price per watt, and both parties will receive a legally binding agreement once the agreement is finalized.

“Through the platform, manufacturers, distributors and installers can effortlessly trade their existing or forthcoming solar equipment inventory. They can smoothly engage in price and terms negotiations within a chat-based interface and automatically generate contracts,” Beg said.

The Solar Trader Platform is live, and Sunhub’s experts are ready to provide live demos. Check the site today.

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