Queensland Government-Owned Energy Company CleanCo Seeks 3 GW of Additional Renewable Energy Capacity


CleanCo’s pursuit of an additional 3 GW of renewable energy capacity is significant for several reasons:

Climate action: Initiatives like CleanCo’s are pivotal in the fight against climate change. By rapidly expanding clean energy capacity, they contribute to reducing greenhouse gas emissions and achieving net-zero emissions in the long term.

Economic growth: The transition to clean energy also offers economic opportunities. It creates jobs, fosters innovation, and enhances the overall sustainability of the energy sector.

Reliable energy supply: Investing in firming and dispatchable technologies ensures a stable and reliable energy supply. This is essential for meeting the energy needs of Queensland’s residents and industries.

Collaborative effort: CleanCo’s invitation for Expressions of Interest demonstrates the importance of collaboration in achieving ambitious renewable energy goals. It encourages stakeholders to work together towards a common goal.

CleanCo’s commitment to securing an additional 3 GW of clean energy capacity is a commendable step toward achieving Queensland’s renewable energy targets. The company’s CEO, Tom Metcalfe, leads an ambitious growth agenda aligning with broader climate action and sustainability goals. CleanCo’s call for Expressions of Interest reflects the need for collaboration and innovation in transitioning to renewable energy sources. As the deadline for submissions approaches, this initiative represents a significant opportunity for stakeholders to contribute to Queensland’s clean energy future, all while driving progress in the fight against climate change.


 Source&Image: CleanCo Queensland


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