Solar installers can now submit Sunlight Financial post-sale docs in Bodhi



Sunlight Financial Holdings and Bodhi have announced a new partnership through which solar installers can automatically submit the post-sale documents Sunlight requires via an integration between Sunlight’s technology portal, Orange, and Bodhi’s digital customer experience platform, Bodhi Pro.

“Sunlight Financial’s new partnership with Bodhi addresses a key installer pain point, document submission,” said Matt Potere, CEO of Sunlight Financial. “Our integration with Bodhi will save installers time and enable Sunlight to access underwriting materials with greater ease. It’s a classic win-win that will further simplify and strengthen the Sunlight experience.”

Bodhi’s patented technology platform, Bodhi Pro, integrates with installers’ CRMs, project management systems, document storage services and monitoring devices. Through the Sunlight-Bodhi integration, installers that have partnered with both Sunlight and Bodhi will no longer have to manually submit project documents to Sunlight’s proprietary Orange portal. Going forward, Bodhi Pro will automatically submit to Orange the documentation and solar system information Sunlight requires to review and approve each project milestone. In turn, Sunlight’s approval decision will be automatically reported back to the installer, enhancing operational efficiency. Bodhi Pro will also provide homeowners with updates on progress toward installation via text, email and installer branded in-app notifications.

“By automating document submission, we want to not only give installers time back, but also help them improve operational efficiency across their business and get paid faster,” said Scott Nguyen, CEO of Bodhi. “We know that when back-office operations move faster, cancellation rates go down, reviews and referrals go up and companies become more resilient.”

As a bonus, Sunlight Financial’s solar installation partners will receive for free the first month of Bodhi’s automated solar customer experience platform, Bodhi Pro. Sunlight partners will also receive a 50% discount on Bodhi’s standard implementation fee. To learn more and take advantage of the partnership, installers can speak to their Sunlight and Bodhi representatives or enroll here.

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