Sunrun starts California program to retrofit solar systems with new batteries



Sunrun has launched a new add-on storage offering for existing solar customers in California.

Many California customers who didn’t have the option to initially install a battery have expressed a strong interest in adding storage to their systems after new net-metering rules went into effect.

“Even when the sun sets, more Sunrun customers will be able to harness their own clean solar energy and save money,” said Sunrun CEO Mary Powell. “Thousands of our solar-only customers have told us that they want to add storage to their existing systems. We’re excited to empower them with energy independence, outage protection, and greater control over how they generate and consume their solar energy.”

Customers who choose to add a battery to their current system will have the opportunity to enroll their new retrofit storage device into one of Sunrun’s distributed power plant programs. Currently, Sunrun is only offering Tesla Powerwalls in the retrofit situation.

News item from Sunrun


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