Vitro and First Solar Supply High-Tech Glass Front Sheets for American-Made Solar Panels


“We are very excited and grateful for the trust placed in us by First Solar, as it aligns with our goal of capitalising on growth opportunities in the North American Trade Region based on our technological strength and collaboration with our customers,” said Vitro CEO Adrian Sada.

Vitro’s strategic positioning enables it to meet First Solar’s requirements seamlessly, as its plants are already strategically located and equipped with the necessary raw materials for production. Production for this incremental volume is set to begin in the first quarter of 2026, underlining the long-term nature of this partnership.

Mike Koralewski, Chief Supply Chain Officer at First Solar, highlighted the importance of a domestic value chain that scales with their growth, stating, “As we continue to grow our domestic manufacturing footprint, it is essential that our domestic value chain scales with us.”

Ricardo Maiz, President of Vitro Architectural business unit, expressed confidence in the partnership’s potential to contribute to increasing clean and renewable energy capacity in the United States and North America as a whole, saying, “We are confident that our experience, technological capabilities, and innovative product development will contribute to their efforts.”

Source&Images: Vitro News Center, First Solar


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