World4Solar unveils hurricane-proof PV canopy



World4Solar announces its new HelioWing Hurricane Edition Solar Power System for businesses and residential homes that can sustain Category 5 winds.

HelioWing Hurricane Edition  by World4Solar.

Solar carport manufacturer World4Solar is releasing HelioWing Hurricane Edition Solar Power System, a PV canopy system for businesses and residential homes that can endure Category 5 winds.

The HelioWing Hurricane edition offers the strength to withstand wind speeds of up to 175 mph without snow. It increases the steel (powder coated, American steel) structure and fasteners strength from 50 ksi to 100 ksi to operate in coastal areas that experience tropical storms and hurricanes.

The solar canopy can be built as a pool pergola, garden cover or carport. Customers can add an inverter, EV charger and batteries up to 25 kWh to their system. An optional LED lighting system with a control box can be built in to illuminate it as well.

Some of HelioWing Hurricane Edition’s other features include:

  • Increased saltwater resistance
  • Structural documentation and electrical-design documentation for permitting (*Site specific engineering approval required)
  • Compatible with Aptos 400-W bifacial panels
  • 5,400 pascal snow loads
  • Vibration absorption system
  • 20-year warranty at 87.8% output

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