$35M Retrofit to Boost Energy Efficiency of Adelaide Office Building


Assistant Minister for Climate Change and Energy Jenny McAllister said, “healthy buildings are productive buildings. Investments like this one will be critical to decarbonising Australia’s commercial real estate sector.

“Improving the energy performance of commercial buildings will ease pressure on energy bills and on the grid, all while reducing emissions. Importantly it will also make buildings more comfortable and cheaper to run for tenants.”

CEFC Head of Property Michael Di Russo said, “It is essential that we make our commercial properties fit for a net zero emissions future in the race to decarbonise. Commercial buildings in urban centres, suburbs and regional towns across Australia account for around half of the nation’s building stock1 and many have never undergone energy efficiency upgrades.”

MaxCap Group Executive Chairman Wayne Lasky said, “The longstanding MaxCap and Quintessential relationship means MaxCap can see the vision Quintessential has for the asset, and the opportunity to work with the CEFC aligns seamlessly with our ESG Strategy. A green strategy can achieve both sustainability and commercial outcomes for investors and MaxCap is committed to this strategy for the long term. We continue to seek additional institutional capital partners to invest in this strategy.”


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