A Sustainable Waterless Solar Panel Cleaning Robot


Autonomy: SandStorm can autonomously navigate rows of solar panels and recharge itself. It can adapt to uneven panel alignment and traverse distances exceeding 50 cm, making it suitable for large solar parks.

Nighttime operation: SandStorm can clean solar panels during nighttime hours when unproductive. This avoids shading the panels, which can cause electrical imbalances and damage.

Safety: As a fully automated system, SandStorm eliminates the need for human intervention during cleaning, ensuring operator safety.

Plant efficiency: The robot can clean PV panels daily, minimising soiling and maximising plant efficiency.

Sustainability: SandStorm’s waterless operation and reduced energy consumption contribute to sustainability by eliminating water usage and associated CO2 emissions.

Workforce development: The deployment of SandStorm promotes the training of qualified personnel for on-site maintenance, creating specialised jobs in the renewable energy sector.


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