AE Solar Panels Expert Review (2024)


Meet AE Solar

Founded in 2003 by Alexander Maier alongside his siblings in Königsbrunn, Germany, AE Solar has expanded its operations across over 95 countries by 2021, with its central headquarters stationed in Königsbrunn.

With manufacturing facilities stationed in China, Georgia, and Turkey, AE Solar has an impressive annual production capacity of 2.5GW.

As a committed participant of the Union Global Compact, AE Solar aligns with this United Nations initiative, advocating for companies globally to engage in practices that are both sustainable and socially responsible.

Understanding Bloomberg Tier 1 Solar Panels

The Tier 1 ranking by Bloomberg is not an assessment of the quality of solar panels but rather an indicator of a manufacturer’s bankability. This classification relies on publicly available data concerning the financial stability of the company, serving as a marker of the manufacturer’s size and reputation.

AE Solar panels have been recognized in the latest Bloomberg Tier 1 list.

Exploring PV Evolution Labs Top Performer

PV Evolution Labs, with backing from DNV GL, conducts independent evaluations of solar panel reliability. The tests are voluntary, and manufacturers can choose to participate in these tests by paying a fee. Recognized globally, these tests offer a reliable measure of a solar panel’s performance capabilities.

AE Solar Panels have earned a spot on the 2023 PV Top Performers List, particularly excelling in thermal cycling and mechanical stress sequence performance tests.

What is the Wholesale Price of AE Solar Panels?

The following provides an estimation of the wholesale pricing for AE Solar panels. It’s important to note that these prices are exclusively available to distributors or solar installers and are not accessible to the end-consumer.

Solar Panel Price per Watt
AES-AE415MD-108BD/30 34c – 35c

Distinctive Features of AE Solar Panels

Incorporation of Gallium-Doped Silicon Cells

A standout feature of AE Solar is the reduced rate of degradation in their panels. The Aurora series, in particular, utilizes Gallium-doped silicon, known for its extended lifespan and stability when exposed to sunlight. This type of silicon wafer minimizes photon degradation more effectively than the traditional Boron-doped solar cells. Gallium-doped cells exhibit an average efficiency that is 0.09% higher than that of Boron-doped cells. The use of Gallium-doped PV modules ensures prolonged performance and stability, which could enhance the return on investment.

Extended Warranty Terms

AE Solar provides one of the most competitive warranty terms in the industry, offering a 30-year product warranty alongside a 30-year performance warranty. While double-glass panels generally have longer warranty periods due to their smart structure, AE Solar’s warranty policies set a high benchmark in the market for solar panel warranties.

AE Solar provides warranties covering both the product and its performance for solar panels. The product warranty addresses manufacturing defects that could cause damage or failure of the panel. While the industry standard for product warranties is typically around 10 years, AE Solar sets itself apart with a 30-year product warranty, offering superior protection compared to many competitors.

Warranties ensure the panel maintains a certain output level over its lifespan. Standard warranties promise around 80-82% of the original output after 25 years. However, AE Solar’s AES-AE415MD-108BD/30 model surpasses this with a performance warranty of 84.6% output retention after 25 years and 82.2% after 30 years, showcasing its exceptional long-term reliability.

AE Solar Panel Innovations

AE Solar offers a diverse portfolio of solar panel series, including Aurora, Comet, Thunder, Eclipse, among others. In this article, we’ll cover the Aurora series.

Aurora Series – AE MD-180DE Overview

The AE Solar Panel AES-AE415MD-108BD-30, with a power range of 395W to 415W showcases their latest technological advancements. This panel is equipped with 108 Gallium-doped monocrystalline solar cells, measuring 1722×1133×30 mm. True to the Aurora series, both sides of the modules are encased in 1.8 mm thick high-transmission tempered solar glass, making these modules bifacial with a bifaciality rate of 70±5%.

The Aurora model stands out with an efficiency rate of up to 21.27%, surpassing the average for solar panels. And, its performance is distinguished by an exceptional degradation rate, retaining 82.2% of its power after 30 years.

Advantages and Disadvantages of AE Solar Panels


  • Exceptional power output
  • Gallium-doped silicon cells for enhanced efficiency
  • Unmatched warranty terms in the industry


  • Bifacial solar panels might be better for commercial applications rather than residential applications.

Panel Specifications

  415W Bifacial Double-Glass AE MD-108BD Series
Cell Number 108  cells
Cell Type Mono
Power Output 415Wp
Max Power Voltage 32.12V
Panel Efficiency 21.27%
Annual Power Degradation   (year 2 to year 30) 0.45%
Dimensions 1722 x 1133 x 30 mm
Weight 23.5 kg
Product Warranty 30 Years
Operational Temperature Range -40°C to 85°C (-40°F to 185°F)

AE Solar Farm Project Showcase

Although AE Solar doesn’t have any large commercial US projects listed on their website, their impact can be seen in their 2023 project reference report, with projects being showcased from Europe, Asia, Latin America, and others. 

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