The Benefits of Solar Batteries

Adding a battery to your solar system allows you to store backup energy for use in emergencies, which can provide stability and energy savings.

Keeping Power on During Outages

A solar panel system without solar battery storage is not immune to power outages, even if the sun is shining. 


Remember, without a battery, residential solar panel systems send excess energy back to the power grid. If your energy company is restoring power to your area, and a crew is working on the power lines, any energy flow presents a safety risk. For this reason, the power company will shut down everything that’s live on the grid — including your solar system.

A solar battery system allows you to store excess energy to use during power outages. Although it depends on your energy consumption and battery capacity, a typical solar storage setup can power your home, including most household appliances, for several hours. The more battery storage you have, the longer you can keep your home running without power.

Achieving Energy Independence

Any solar panel system will help you achieve some amount of energy independence, as you won’t have to worry much about the rising cost of traditional power. Installing a solar battery can further your energy independence. 


Using solar to completely disconnect from the energy grid and achieve 100% energy independence may be possible — if your local laws allow it. But it may not make sense financially. Rural homes with an unreliable energy supply or very high electricity costs are most likely to benefit from a fully off-grid home solar system. That being said, a completely off-grid system is not recommended for most homes.

Saving Money on Your Electric Bill

Net metering allows you to earn bill credits for the excess energy your panels generate during the day. If you do not have access to a net metering program, you will have to pay for the energy your household uses at night and when your solar panels aren’t generating power. If your utility company does not offer a full retail-rate net metering program or charges time-of-use electricity rates (where you pay more for power during peak hours), a solar battery may help you save money on your electric bill. 


If you have a solar battery, you can avoid these costs by storing your panels’ excess energy to use during peak times


Your solar installer will be familiar with local policies, so you can speak with a representative to determine if a solar battery will help you save each month.


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