Array Technologies Releases Upgraded Solar Tracker


Array Technologies has introduced enhancements to its STI H250 solar tracker, including a driveline motion transmission system.

This latest tracker includes additional features such as reduced number of piles per tracker, enhanced tolerance for east-west tilt and a wider north-south angle between rows, says the company. 

The transmission system from the DuraTrack tracker has been integrated into the STI H250, enabling removal of the driveline. 

“Array aims to contribute to a more energy-efficient world, acting as one of the leading providers of large-scale solar tracking technology worldwide,” says Xabier Urcelay, general manager EMEA at Array. 

“The STI H250 tracker exemplifies Array’s steadfast commitment to innovation and its prominent position within the solar energy sector. This advanced technology not only elevates energy output but also commits to improving the profitability of solar installations. Our forward-looking vision entails a persistent dedication to innovating and refining our products to tackle the evolving challenges in solar energy and promote its adoption in key markets.”  


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