Aurora Solar platform adopts EagleView aerial imaging


Aurora Solar, a platform for solar sales and design, and EagleView, a provider of aerial imagery, geospatial software and analytics have formed a technology-first partnership. This integration will let solar professionals prospect, plan and validate solar projects with using EagleView’s high-resolution aerial imagery, validated 3D roof models and structure measurements to provide an additional layer of accuracy when selling and designing PV systems in Aurora — all without requiring physical site visits.

“As solar continues its unprecedented global growth, Aurora Solar continues to invest in the industry’s most trusted platform for selling, designing, and delivering solar projects,” said Carina Brockl, CRO at Aurora Solar. “We’re delighted our groundbreaking partnership with EagleView will deliver new benefits to our customers as we double down on our commitment to design accuracy.”

Aurora customers will be able to use EagleView solutions to access high-resolution imagery with aerial photography reaching sub-one inch resolution. Aurora with EagleView has an imaging coverage area of more than 94% of the U.S. population. Aurora hopes the partnership will result in more customers identifying more installable projects, reducing costs and experiencing less delays associated with redesigns, renegotiations and shifting timelines.

“Joining Aurora’s industry-leading solar capabilities with EagleView’s powerful property intelligence and analytics provides solar installers with an all-encompassing design and sales solution that drives results,” said Peter Cleveland, VP of solar, EagleView. “The industry needs these tools now more than ever, and we are looking forward to building a better experience for solar professionals as well as homeowners.”

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