Benefits of Electrification in Australia| 2024 Edition


Electrification of your household will reduce health risks related to gas heating, gas cooking, and cars.  

Cooking and heating with gas are daily in Australian homes and are risk factors for several serious health problems; however, the public is unaware of these dangers. It is estimated that gas stoves cause 12% of childhood asthma in Australia. 

Gas stoves, standard in Australian homes, produce dangerous levels of indoor air pollution. 

For example, homes with gas stoves typically have significantly higher nitrogen dioxide concentrations—a gas emitted during gas combustion—than those with electric stoves. This can have various respiratory effects, particularly in children and those with conditions like asthma. 

Furthermore, using a gas hot water system can release toxic fumes, such as carbon monoxide and nitrogen dioxide.  

Also, it must be handled with great care and caution, as it can ignite with pressure. So, it requires a designated spot with proper ventilation and precaution. 

And most importantly, gas in a non-renewable energy source using it increases your carbon footprint, hence a step back from net-zero emission. 

Thus, your pocket, household, and health should electrify your home by switching your gas stove with an electric stove and gas hot water systems with electric hot water heat pumps 

Electric hot water heat pumps are less dangerous than gas hot water systems as they don’t require gas combustion. And if you already have solar panels, they generate the electricity needed to run the heat pump. Hot water appears to be free while emitting no GHG gases. 

Also, switching to electric vehicles can reduce carbon emissions and help minimize air pollution, contributing to a cleaner and healthier environment.  

With this transition, you can align with Australia’s commitment to combat climate change and achieve sustainability goals by shifting from traditional fossil fuel-based energy sources to cleaner electricity. 


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