Best Solar Panels of 2024: Installers’ Choice Awards Revealed


It’s that time of the year again when I reveal the results of our annual Installers’ Choice Awards for Best Solar Panels in 2024. With insights from installers across Australia, I asked them three crucial questions to discover which solar panels they rate as the best in the business for 2024:

  • What brand of solar panels would you buy for your own home if money was no object?
  • What about if you were on a budget, and every dollar counted?
  • What brand has the best after-sales support?

So, let’s uncover which brands have outshone the competition in the eyes of those who know them best – the installers.

Best Value Solar Panels In Australia: 2024

In the highly competitive “Every dollar counts” category, we look for panels offering the best bang for your buck without compromising on quality. This year’s winners have proven exceptional performance and affordability can indeed go hand in hand:

best value solar panels - winning brands: Trina (1st), Jinko (2nd), Canadian Solar (3rd)

graph of votes for best value solar panel brands

Best Value 2024: Third Place – Canadian Solar

Canadian Solar returns to the podium with 9% of the vote. Known for their efficient and reliable HiHero panels boasting up to 22.8% efficiency, Canadian Solar continues to impress with a solid combination of performance and affordability.

Best Value 2024: Second Place – Jinko Solar

Holding firm in second place for the fourth consecutive year is Jinko, capturing 24% of the vote. Their Tiger NEO panels, with an efficiency of up to 22.6%, underline Jinko’s commitment to providing top-tier, budget-friendly panels.

Best Value 2024: First Place – Trina Solar

Dominating the category for the fourth year running, Trina Solar secures the top spot with 27% of the vote. Their Vertex S+ panels, with up to 22.5% efficiency, demonstrate Trina’s unwavering ability to deliver value for money without skimping on quality.

Best Solar Panels In Australia: 2024

For those where cost is not a barrier, and only the best will do, this category showcases high-end solar panel technology. Here are this year’s winners:

winners of best solar panels 2024: REC (1st), Sunpower (2nd), Trina (3rd)

graph of votes for best solar panels 2024

Best Solar Panels 2024: Third Place – Trina Solar

Trina Solar proves they’re not just a champion of affordability, taking bronze with 14% of the vote in the prestigious “Money’s no object” category, demonstrating their versatility and broad appeal from budget to high-end solar installs.

Best Solar Panels 2024: Second Place – Sunpower

Sunpower secures the silver for the second year, with 21% of the vote. Their Maxeon series panels, with efficiencies up to 22.8% and a staggering 40-year product warranty, embody top-of-the-range solar technology.

Best Solar Panels 2024: First Place – REC

REC retains gold with an impressive 45% of the vote, thanks to their superior quality and performance at a more accessible price point than Sunpower. The Alpha Pure range stands out for its efficiency and durability.

I’ve got 14 kilowatts of REC panels on my roof, and I’m delighted with them:

14 kW of REC Pure Alpha solar panels on Finn's roof

Yes, Finn paid market rates for the REC panels – no kickbacks here.

Congratulations to REC for winning Gold two years in a row.

Best After-Sales Support: 2024

In an era where long-term reliability is paramount, this category honours the brands backing their products with exceptional support:

best panels warranty support winners: 1st REC, 2nd Trina, 3rd Sunpower.

Wrapping up

So there you have it: REC wins Best Panels and Best Support, while Trina wins Best Value Panels.

best solar panels - gold medal winners, REC and Trina

For those keen on the finer details of these top-tier solar panels, head to our solar panel comparison table for an in-depth look at the specs. And if you’re ready to take the next step towards solar, batteries, or EV chargers, simply enter your postcode here, fill in the form, and let me connect you with trusted installers ready to bring the benefits of solar into your home.

Congratulations to this year’s winners. They are the best solar panels in Australia, as voted by Australian solar installers.


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