Blue Planet Energy releases BlueWave residential ESS



Blue Planet Energy has released its new BlueWave home battery system. The modular residential energy storage solution can be installed by one technician in under an hour, the company claims.

BlueWave features a pre-wired system, eliminating the need for cumbersome wiring, cables and multiple boxes. Modular batteries and inverters are clicked in, along with a built-in battery management system, battery management unit, and communication panel all within the same unit.

“With the BlueWave, we aim to make energy independence accessible to all and accelerate the adoption of renewable energy products,” said Henk Rogers, founder of Blue Planet Energy. “The BlueWave reduces costs, installation times, and meets the urgent needs of homeowners and the clean energy sector.”

With LFP energy storage capacities ranging from 3 kWh to 48 kWh, BlueWave’s 50-lb. modular system suits the requirements of different homes. It can adapt to time-of-use needs, provide backup power, and accommodate growing energy demands.

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