BSLBATT releases EnergiPak portable energy storage system



BSLBATT has released the EnergiPak 3840, a portable energy storage system. The system uses LFP batteries and can be used for home backup as well as energizing outdoor equipment.

“After our market research and customer feedback, there is a high demand for a convenient power supply product, whether it is for outdoor camping or construction areas away from utility power where the need for electricity is unavoidable, so with our EnergiPak 3840, our customers will have a large, versatile and removable 3840Wh energy storage module,” said Eric Yi, CEO of BSLBATT.

With a storage capacity of 3.84 kWh and power of 3.3 kW, the EnergiPak 3840 consists of control board (DC board), inverter board (AC board), BMS board, PV board and LFP cells, so the whole system weighs 40 kg. The system is equipped with wheels and tie bars, which have been carefully designed for ease of use and movement.

EnergiPak 3840 has three input ports and 10 different output ports, including five AC plugs, two USB-A sockets and two USB-C sockets, a 12V socket and is pure sine wave.

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