The most common query of a consumer is whether they can run AC on solar power? Solar panels can generate electricity that can supply electricity 24*7 which is used to power AC appliances. Nowadays, almost everyone uses ACs during the summer because the weather is hotter due to global warming and there is more pollution in the air. So, you see ACs not just in homes but also in schools, offices, and other places like hospitals and theaters, where they run non-stop. Using ACs can higher your electricity bills since it uses a lot of power. To reduce electricity bills, people are considering solar panel to run air conditioners.

What is Solar AC?

Solar AC is also known as an inverter AC. The 1.5-ton AC’s air compressor is variable speed, so whenever we change its temperature, it consumes electricity accordingly. If the temperature of AC is at 16° then the compressor speed will be faster which will consume more electricity. The real-time consumption of a 1.5-ton AC in 16° is 1800W.  But if the temperature of AC is at 24° then the compressor speed will be less which will consume less electricity.

What to Consider Before You Run an AC with Solar Power?

The solar-powered ACs can save on your monthly electricity bills. But, if you have a battery backup to store the solar energy, then you can get electricity 24/7 or during the nighttime without any interruption.

Before considering solar power for AC, you must consider these factors such as

Location & Climate: In India, there are some hotter places during summer, so you need more power for your air conditioner (AC). As we have discussed above also if you keep your AC temperature at a low like 16°, the AC compressor speed will be more and faster which will lead to high energy consumption and higher your electricity bills. To reduce the high electricity bills you should consider a solar panel. If you consider solar panels, it will collect more energy in sunny places like Gujarat.

The ton of your air conditioner also matters. So, if you have a big house and want to run AC, you might need more solar power to run it smoothly.

Durability: While considering solar energy systems you must check the durability of the rooftop solar. While considering the durability of solar panel systems is material quality, the strength of the aluminum frame, technology, and battery backup time.

Efficiency: The efficiency of the solar cell should be of the latest technology which has a high efficiency to generate electricity.

How many solar panels do I need to run AC?

The size of the solar panel depends on the ton or unit of the AC, efficiency, and location. However, the estimated solar panels are 7-10 solar panels you will need to run your AC on solar energy. 

Can I run a 1.5-ton AC on solar without a grid?

Yes, you can run a 1.5kW AC on solar without a grid. But for that, you have to buy a solar power system according to your requirements and the load. You must consider a 3kW solar system to run 1.5-ton AC. When going for a 3kW solar system you must consider the type of solar system: on-grid solar system and off-grid solar system.

Who can buy solar AC?

If you live in states where electricity supply is frequent and electricity bills are high such as Faridabad, Chennai, Bangalore, Jaipur, Patna, Kolkata, and Lucknow which have electricity bills of up to Rs.5,000 to 10,000 per month, they can consider AC module which comes without a battery.

If you live in a state where the problem of electricity is high like low voltage and the electricity supply is not regular then, they can consider a 3kW solar system which has a capacity of a maximum 14A. It can run an AC without a grid.


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