CPS America releases 5-MWh LFP battery



CPS America announced the launch of a new 5-MWh Battery Energy Storage System for the North American market. The battery system is a containerized solution that integrates 12 racks of LFP batteries and offers a high energy density for utility applications. It is equipped with an advanced liquid cooling system that provides effective and efficient pack-level thermal management. The battery system is packed into a 20-ft container to enable easy transportation, installation and O&M. The product is UL-certified under 1973/9450/9450A.

CPS America’s 5MWh Battery Storage System is fully integrated with minimum on-site installation, high energy density and multiple-point electrical linkage measures. It’s easy to expand with CPS’s modular and string design, has integrated fast-acting fault protection, comprehensive fire prevention design to ensure system safety and smart cooling control to improve battery performance and lifecycle.

“This an exciting time for CPS America! We are leading the transition into the Utility Scale market, and the recent UL certification on our 5MWh Battery Energy Storage System will help us excel into this marketspace,” said Zhehan Yi, utility & ESS product director at CPS America.

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