CubicPV plans to use Malaysian polysilicon at its potential U.S. wafer factory



CubicPV announced it has a polysilicon supplier for its yet-to-be-decided U.S. wafer manufacturing factory. CubicPV recently signed a long-term supply agreement with OCIM, a subsidiary of OCI Holdings. The $1 billion, eight-year contract will supply CubicPV with polysilicon from OCI’s Malaysian factory.

CubicPV plans to open a 10-GW ingot and wafer factory in the United States sometime in 2025. Although CubicPV has championed a “direct wafer” technology that makes wafers directly from molten silicon, the initial 10-GW wafer factory will function in a more traditional sense making mono-wafers from ingots.

“This agreement with one of the world’s foremost leaders in polysilicon production is testament to our manufacturing capabilities and the progress against our U.S. manufacturing plans. OCIM’s high-quality, U.S. compliant silicon is in extremely high demand, and we are fortunate to lock-in our supply with a trusted partner,” said Frank van Mierlo, CEO, CubicPV.

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