EagleView’s Geospatial Data Transforms Solar Industry with Rapid, Detailed Bidding


EagleView’s Geospatial Data Transforms Solar Industry with Rapid, Detailed Bidding

by Bradley Bartz

Los Angeles CA (SPX) Jan 26, 2024

In the evolving world of geospatial technology, EagleView’s journey from a data provider for insurance and construction to a pivotal player in the solar industry exemplifies innovation at its best. This transformation, akin to corporate archaeology, has revolutionized the way solar projects are bid and planned, with solar designers now able to offer bids in just 90 seconds, complete with detailed visuals and precise estimates.

Since 2000, EagleView has been capturing detailed property data through advanced aerial imaging. This data, initially crucial for government, insurance and construction industries, laid the groundwork for a significant shift towards the solar sector.

EagleView’s transition to the solar industry has made a profound impact. “AI enables data extraction with scale and consistency across our deep well of content,” says Peter Cleveland, EagleView’s VP of Solar. This AI-driven approach has allowed solar designers to rapidly assess the solar potential of roofs across the nation, a process that has become both quick and visually engaging.

Reflecting on the industry’s evolution, Peter notes, “A decade ago, roofers would get on the roof and use a tape, now they use our data.” This shift from manual, labor-intensive methods to data-driven strategies underscores the significant advancements in the field, largely facilitated by EagleView’s innovative data utilization.

Piers Dormeyer, CEO of EagleView, highlights the broader impact of this technological advancement. “Businesses that compete for new projects win when they have better data,” he shares. “SolarReady harnesses our deep library of industry-leading property data and analytics expertise to power an unrivaled prospecting and business development solution for solar contractors. SolarReady helps ensure that solar contractors stay competitive and win more deals.”

This innovative approach goes beyond streamlining the solar industry. It represents a significant paradigm shift in how projects are conceptualized and executed. EagleView’s ability to repurpose existing technologies for new applications suggests a future where reanalyzing corporate data can lead to novel and profitable ventures across various sectors.

EagleView’s transformation from a traditional data provider to a crucial asset in solar project planning is a testament to the power of reimagining existing resources and technological evolution. By leveraging their rich data history through AI and innovative thinking, EagleView has not only changed the game for solar professionals but also set a new standard for data utilization in business, opening doors to unforeseen opportunities and growth.

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