Fluke unveils new I-V curve tracer for utility-scale projects


Fluke Corp., a wholly owned subsidiary of Fortive Corp., today launched the PVA-1500 Series I-V curve tracer for utility-scale solar technicians. The tool assists with PV array testing for service and maintenance.

Features of the PVA-1500 I-V curve tracer include fast and efficient measurements, accurate measurements for high-efficiency panels, intuitive operation and seamless testing processes.

“Utilities are under increasing pressure to maximize uptime and production while ensuring the health and longevity of their solar installations,” said Jason Waxman, President at Fluke. “The PVA-1500 is a game-changer, delivering the speed, precision, and user-friendliness required for technicians to address these challenges head-on. It is the only I-V Curve Tester that can consistently and accurately measure I-V curves for 1,500-V high-efficiency solar panels without overheating. We’re incredibly proud of this tool, which has undergone rigorous testing to ensure it is able to meet our high standards for reliability, durability, and safety.”

The PVA-1500 I-V curve tracers build upon Fluke’s September 2023 acquisition of Solmetric, including the company’s PV Analyzer. Following the acquisition, Fluke conducted rigorous testing and improvements on Solmetric’s tools to ensure their safety, durability, and accuracy complied with Fluke’s standards. Through this new addition to Fluke’s portfolio, the company now offers a comprehensive toolkit that empowers solar professionals to service PV projects from the microgrid to the utility-scale.

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