Fronius offers free tool to find replacement inverters for repowering situations


Fronius just released a new tool that enables solar installers to offer customers repowering options, regardless of the inverter brand used in the original solar system. Repowering is usually a performance-related replacement of inverters that are out of warranty, but may also occur if an older inverter model is no longer available or spare parts do not exist.

With Fronius Repowering, residential and commercial solar installers can use the free tool on any mobile device to find Fronius products for retrofit options and find solutions for older or discontinued/orphaned inverters. Only a Fronius Solar.web account is required to use the free tool.

”We are very pleased to announce that the Fronius Repowering tool is available in the United States. By offering this digital tool to PV installers free of charge, we’re helping them gain more business with compatible retrofit inverter replacement details,” says Richard Baldinger, Director of Sales and Marketing Business Unit Solar Energy at Fronius USA. “This gives PV installers looking for new revenue streams a great opportunity – especially in states like California, where many solar systems exist, and the number of new installations is currently going down.”

With solar inverters being a critical component for system performance, installers can engage with their existing customer base, generating new business while keeping their customers’ satisfaction high. Furthermore, new revenue streams can be created by servicing orphaned systems, where the original installer or inverter brand no longer exists. This new revenue stream allows installers to offset decreasing revenues if they are experiencing a decline in new installations. The Fronius Repowering Tool makes it easier for solar installers to find the proper replacement inverter, no matter if the old inverter is from Fronius or another manufacturer.

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