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QCELLS solar panels installed in Australia

In a significant development for the Australian solar market, solar panel and battery importer, Hanwha QCELLS Australia – who operated in the mid to high end of the market – has let the solar industry know it will be closing its business in Australia.

Here’s what you need to know if you’ve purchased or are considering purchasing QCELLS solar panels or QCELLS batteries.

No More QCELLS For Australia

QCELLS Australia has decided to stop selling into Australia, focusing its efforts on the global market, particularly in the USA. This move comes without a formal press release, leaving many in the industry and consumers looking for clarity on the implications of this decision.

A spokesperson for QCELLS Australia told SolarQuotes:

After a strategic business review and thorough consultation with staff, yesterday Hanwha QCELLS Australia Pty Ltd, the sole distribution company of Qcells products in Australia, informed employees that the company will be closing


This decision is based on the context of the Australian solar market facing record-breaking price drops and extreme market competition over the last 12 months.


However, it does NOT mean that the business is winding up operations immediately as we need to fulfil the responsibilities of services and supply to customers that we have promised. Hanwha Q CELLS Australia will run the business as usual for the next few months to assure that all our customers secure their necessary supply of Qcells products.

Warranty and Support Continuity

For current Q CELLS product owners and those with pending installations, there’s reassuring news. The Korean parent company, Hanwha QCELLS has always managed product warranties directly, and there will be no changes to existing warranties despite the ending of Australian operations.

QCELLS told us:

Consumers in Australia who have purchased QCELLS solar panels and QCELLS batteries will be served ongoing by the manufacturer’s warranty under Australian consumer law.

This means your investment remains protected under the terms originally provided. Additionally, Australian solar company, Zeco will continue to offer after-sales support and service, ensuring ongoing assistance for QCELLS customers in Australia.

Outside Of Australia QCELLS is expanding

Internationally, QCELLS’s is expanding, with the recent inauguration of a 5GW factory in Georgia, USA, and  a 20-30% market share in the USA.

Why they have chosen to leave Australia, I can only speculate. Their official line is “record-breaking price drops and extreme market competition”. Perhaps REC was winning in the premium solar panel segment? Perhaps the cheaper Chinese giants like Jinko, Canadian, Trina and Longi are too hard to compete with? Perhaps Australian Consumer Law is too much? Or maybe they just wanted to focus on the glittering lights of North America.

What’s Next for Australian Solar Consumers?

For those considering solar, the exit of QCELLS from the Australian market underscores the importance of choosing products backed by a strong brand, solid warranties and reliable support networks. While QCELLS will no longer sell new products in Australia, the continuing warranties that come with them stand as a reminder to choose a solar panel brand that is backed by a international company with a global brand to protect.

QCELLS’ decision to wind down operations in Australia without a so much as a press release was surprising. But thankfully the Korean mothership, Hanwha, appears focused on maintaining Australian customer trust. Probably a good job seeing as they still operate the Nectr solar financing brand here.


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