How Many Solar Panels Does It Take to Power a House?


Installing solar panels allows homeowners to generate their own electricity, leading to significant savings on traditional electricity bills. EmPower Solar has qualified solar contractors who can develop, engineer, install, and service solar energy systems for residential and commercial clients. The number of solar panels it takes to power a house can depend on the following factors:

Energy Consumption

The amount of electricity your household uses determines the number of solar panels your home needs. A house with more appliances and higher energy consumption might require more solar panels. Your monthly utility bill should provide a breakdown of your electricity consumption, usually measured in kilowatt-hours. Examine your home’s energy consumption rates for the past year to understand your energy needs better.

During your review, take note of any months with unusually high energy consumption. This could be caused by seasonal factors like extreme temperatures that require the heating or cooling system to run more frequently. You can submit a photo of your recent electricity bills for our solar contractors to review and use to determine your solar energy needs. To determine the number of panels needed, solar installers divide the system size in watts by the output of each panel.

Roof Tilt and Pitch

Solar panels are most efficient when they are perpendicular to the incoming sunlight. The optimal tilt enables panels to receive sunlight at an angle that maximizes energy production. If the roof tilt is different from the optimal angle, the efficiency of the solar panels decreases. Solar experts can install more solar panels to compensate for the reduced efficiency due to suboptimal tilt. Some solar panel systems use adjustable mounting systems that can change the tilt angle of the panels.

The pitch of your home’s roof influences the available surface area for solar panel installation. Steeper pitches may limit the space available for panels. EmPower Solar technicians can assess the roof pitch and available space for proper solar panel placement. In cases where the roof pitch is not optimal for solar energy capture, we can install the racking system on the ground in an area with high sunlight exposure.


The amount of sunlight your location receives affects the efficiency of the solar panels. Solar irradiance refers to the amount of sunlight energy that reaches a specific area over a given period. In regions with high solar irradiance, a solar panel system can generate more electricity with fewer panels. More panels may be required in areas with lower sunlight to meet your energy needs.

Regions with frequent cloud cover or extended periods of rain may need larger solar panel systems to compensate for reduced sunlight availability. Our technicians can assess your home to identify any obstructions that may cast shadows on the solar panels. This analysis helps determine the most suitable panel placement to boost energy efficiency.

Hire Qualified Solar Contractors

Energy consumption, location, roof pitch, and tilt can influence how many solar panels it takes to power a house. EmPower Solar’s installers conduct a thorough site assessment to design a custom system that meets your home’s energy needs. With accurate calculations, our team can suggest the correct number of solar panels for your home. Contact us today to learn more about your home’s eligibility for solar energy. 

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Stop overpaying for electric. 
Go solar with 
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