How much does flexible solar panels cost?


Flexible solar is a lightweight solar PV module that can be molded according to the surface area. It has 70% less weight as compared to a traditional solar panel. A person can carry this solar panel easily and anywhere. It has a Gumming Tape behind it. When you install this solar panel, you need to remove this tape and paste it on the surface area. There is no need for drilling on the rooftop. This solar panel can be installed on surface areas such as glass, lightweight roofs, or where traditional solar panels can not be installed. It also looks aesthetic.

A flexible solar panel can be manufactured according to the installation area. This solar panel comes in multiple color variations such as white back sheet or transparent, so a consumer can install this solar panel on a building, glass, or any mobile solar application. A flexible solar panel is available from 70W to 420W in India. The efficiency of a flexible solar panel is 20.80% because this solar panel has traditional solar cells in it. The price of a flexible solar panel is Rs. 60 per watt in India. That means if you buy a 1kW solar panel with flexible technology, then you need to pay Rs. 60,000/kW. 

What is the Difference Between Flexible Solar Panels and Standard Solar Panels?

Flexible and standard solar panels are used to generate electricity. However, flexible solar panels are less durable, less lifespan, and are easy to install in various applications. Whereas, standard solar panels are made of thicker cells, heavier in weight, and more durable due to the layers of the glass.  

What Are the Benefits of Flexible Solar Panels?

Flexible solar panel are also known as the thin-film solar panels that offer various benefits. Here are some benefits of flexible solar panel.

Versatile and Portable: Flexible solar panels are lightweight and can be ported on various applications. They are easy to install and can be ported easily. These flexible solar panel are beneficial for applications such as boating, traveling, camping, and other outdoor activities. Due to the thin and flexible features of these solar panels, they can be installed on various surfaces. The other feature of a flexible solar panel is that it has 4 busbars, 36 solar cells, and a junction with MC4 connectors for high module efficiency.

Efficiency: These flexible solar panels are made of A-grade mono perk cells and strong tempered glasses that will not break easily and give 22% high efficiency even in low light and cloudy weather.

What are the uses of Flexible solar panel?

The flexible solar panel can be used for various applications some of them are

  • It can be used on boats as boats require a lot of energy to keep the electric motor, batteries, and lights running. The flexible solar panel can provide them electricity when they need it. It can also charge the battery which can work during the night.
  • It can be used to charge mobile while camping, traveling, and hiking. It can charge the battery faster.
  • It can be used in tents during campaigning. You can charge your electric devices for long operation.

How Effective Are Flexible Solar Panels?

Flexible solar panel can be effective depending on the manufacturer and the quality of the solar panel. These flexible solar panels have a 22% high efficiency that can generate more power during bad weather conditions.

How much does a flexible solar panel cost?

The average price of a flexible solar panel is approximately starts from Rs. 60/- per watt.


To buy flexible solar panel you must consult the best solar panel manufacturer. You must keep in mind that the quality and features of the solar panel should be good. With the given information you must be up to date and technology should also be the latest.


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