How to apply for PM Suryodaya Yojana?


The PM solar panel yojana is a government initiative that aim to provide a reliable and sustainable power supply to rural and urban areas for agricultural and household needs. This scheme focuses on solar energy that aims to enhance the lives of rural sector by ensuring 24/7 electricity supply for agricultural growth and improving overall living standards.

What is PM Suryodaya Yojana?

The PM Suryodaya Yojana is the new step that is taken by the Indian government in which the maximum rooftop solar installation is to be done at “1 crore” homes and aims to promote solar energy adoption in India. Under this scheme, Rooftop solar should be installed at every home which will not only help to cut down the high electricity bills but also make India self-reliable.

Why does this solar rooftop scheme introduce?

This solar rooftop scheme is introduced to promote the adoption of solar energy in India. This scheme also aims to install rooftop solar in “1 crore homes”. The pm solar yojana aims for installing solar panel in every home. It also aims to provide electricity to consumers with high electricity bills and uninterrupted power supply during daytime or nighttime.

How to apply for free solar panel scheme by government of India?

free solar panel scheme by government of India

If you want to install a solar system for home in India government subsidy. You need to follow the steps to apply for free solar panel scheme by government of India. Here are the steps:

Step-1: You need to go to (National Portal for Rooftop Solar) & register by filling the details.

Step-2: Login with your registered mobile number and consumer number to apply for the rooftop solar scheme.

Step-3: After getting the approval for the rooftop solar power by the DISCOM, the solar panel will be installed by the assigned vendor.

Step-4: After the installation, submit all the credentials and documents to apply for net metering.

Step-5: After the approval of net metering and the installation by the DISCOM, the portal will generate a commissioning report. 

Step-6: After getting the commissioning report, submit your bank details and a cancelled cheque to the portal. Then your subsidy amount will be transferred in your account within 30 days.

When this scheme will start?

The Pradhan Mantri Solar Panel Yojana 2024 was launched after the inauguration of the Ram Mandir by PM Narendra Modi on 22 January 2024. In this solar panel yojana 2024, he has aimed to install solar panel in 1 Crore homes in India. The pm Modi solar panel yojana will help in making India clean and green.

Where this scheme starts in India?

The decision to launch this scheme in India was taken after the “Pran Pratistha” of Ram Mandir by our PM with the aim to install solar panel on every rooftop. This decision was taken on 22 January 2024 in Ayodhya, UP. The PM solar panel yojana scheme will start from Ayodhya first.

How much does the rooftop solar price?

rooftop solar price

The solar panel cost in India is generally measured in kilowatts. The solar panel price can cost you high. If you are paying electricity bills of Rs. 2,000 to 3,000 per month. The solar panel price for home starts from Rs. 60,000 but the government provide Rs. 18,000/kW up to 3kW. For more than 3kW the government provide Rs.9,000/kW. There is no subsidy on more than 10kW.


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