Is 3KW of Solar System Enough for a Home? [Customer Review]


Thrissur, Kerala: The experts who deal in solar said that three kilowatts (kW) of a solar power system is enough for an average family of three to four people. But for a larger family or for running an AC at home, five to seven kilowatts of a solar system will be required. Back in 2014, a 1 kW solar system was sufficient for the efficient running of a home. But today given that inverter batteries are becoming more prevalent and popular, a 3 kW system is at least required.


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Sreejith, who deals in solar power systems, informed that a 3kW solar system will generate 12 to 15 units per day of power which lasts for 5 to 10 hours. A solar panel works 300 days a year. That means the 3kW Solar System generates an average of 3,600 units per annum. This system has four major components — solar panels, inverter, battery, and balancing of system, and will cost around three lakh rupees. The total space required for a 3kW installation is 300 square feet. 

Home Load Calculation

home load

The regular load of a home is generally approx. 300W at all times whereas the maximum load of a home is 2200W. A homeowner never runs all loads at the same time. If he installs a 3kW solar system, he can run up to 2.5kW load at the same time. The load calculation table is mentioned below.

Home Appliances with Avg. Consumption

Water Motor – 700W to 1200W | Washing Machine – 300W | Induction Machine – 1000W | Mixer & Juicer – 500W | Iron Press – 1000W | Refrigerator – 200W | TV – 80W | Ceiling Fans – 25W to 80W | Lights – 10W to 20W | Laptop – 55WAppliances with Loads

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Similarly, a 5kW solar system will cost around Rs. 5,00,000 while the cost of a 5kW solar system without battery is Rs. 3,00,000. “The solar power system between 500W and 5KW is most in demand. For running an Inverter AC at home, at least a 3KW solar system will be required. The government provides a solar subsidy of 30% for up to 3KW and 20% for a 4KW to 10KW on-grid solar system. Solar systems above 10KW which are mostly installed in commercial spaces, such as Hospital, School, Hotel, Factory, Agriculture Water Pumping, etc.”, said the Loom Solar reseller.



Interestingly, the solar panels fitted on the rooftop face towards the south direction so as to get maximum sunshine. A number of solar products are also available in the market. These include home lighting solar systems for villages, shops, school projects, outdoor campaigns, etc. While a home lighting solar system costs between Rs 3000 to Rs 7000 per piece.


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