LONGi Solar Australia Reveals Innovative Solar PV Module: Hi-MO X6 Guardian Anti-Dust


LONGi Solar Australia took the stage at the Smart Energy Council Conference and Expo 2024 in Sydney on March 6, 2024, to unveil its latest game-changing solar PV module – the Hi-MO X6 Guardian Anti-Dust. As the company, a prominent player in solar technology, presented this revolutionary product, attendees were introduced to a groundbreaking solution designed to combat the persistent challenge of dirt accumulation on solar panels.

The Hi-MO X6 Guardian Anti-Dust on display at Smart Energy 2024

Brett Robinson, the National Sales Manager for LONGi Solar Australia, delivered an insightful presentation on the Hi-MO X6 Guardian Anti-Dust module. This innovation boasts a state-of-the-art Anti Dust short-end-frame design, a result of meticulous research and testing. The design ensures that the module remains clean and debris-free, ultimately maximising its performance and lifespan.

In addressing the prevalent issue of dirt accumulation, Robinson explained, “Our Global Customer Satisfaction survey revealed that dirt accumulation was a major concern for solar panel owners, leading to power loss and reduced performance. With the Hi-MO X6 Guardian Anti-Dust module, we have addressed this issue head-on by redesigning the frame to minimize the risk of hot spots and muck accumulation.”

Improved, tried and tested HPBC Back panel

The key features of the Hi-MO X6 Guardian Anti-Dust module include a new frame design and assembly to reduce cleaning frequency, HPBC Back contact cells for outstanding efficiency (22.5%), straight-line cell connections for enhanced reliability, rigorous testing for durability and performance in various weather conditions, and flexible clamping zones and bolt holes for easy installation.

The Hi-MO X6 Guardian Anti-Dust module underwent over 1000 reliability tests and more than 500 days of on-site verification to ensure its durability and performance. Beyond superior functionality, the module offers additional benefits such as reduced maintenance requirements and a lower risk of panel damage.

On display at Smart Energy 2024 LONGi Hi-MO X6 Guardian Anti-Dust

LONGi unveiling ceremony at Smart Energy

John Grimes, CEO of the Smart Energy Council, attended the unveiling ceremony and commended LONGi on the launch of the Hi-MO X6 Guardian Anti-Dust module, stating, “It’s all about innovation, and continuous innovation. Innovations like not having to clean your solar panels, well that’s a jolly good thing…. Congratulations to LONGi Solar, to the whole team here in Australia and really keen to stay in touch with LONGi for many years to come.”

John Grimes with the LONGi team
John Grimes (centre) with the LONGi team

Robinson concluded the presentation by inviting attendees to witness a live demonstration of the Hi-MO X6 Guardian Anti-Dust module and encouraged them to engage with LONGi Solar Australia staff for additional information.

For more details about LONGi Solar Australia and the Hi-MO X6 Guardian Anti-Dust module, please visit www.longi.com/au or contact au@longi.com.


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