New NBN Pricing Regulation to Promote Competition and Lower Prices for Australians, ACCC Announces


The ACCC’s decision to accept NBN Co’s SAU variation comes after over two years of consultation between NBN Co, broadband providers, the ACCC, the government, and consumer groups. NBN Co had previously proposed two variations that were withdrawn due to concerns raised by the ACCC and stakeholders. However, the accepted variation addresses these concerns and meets the statutory criteria necessary to promote the long-term interests of end-users.

As outlined in NBN Co’s accepted SAU variation, the new NBN regulation promises a more stable pricing structure that protects consumers from price hikes and encourages competition among retailers. Furthermore, it introduces service quality standards that are expected to enhance the overall broadband experience for Australians.

The ACCC’s decision to accept this variation comes after a thorough and collaborative consultation process and addresses previous concerns raised by various stakeholders. The ultimate aim is to promote the long-term interests of Australians and ensure that the NBN remains a reliable and efficient resource for the country’s digital economy. As this new regulation takes effect, observing how it shapes the Australian telecommunications landscape in the coming years will be interesting.


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