Polar Racking partners with two OEMs to make products in US



Polar Racking announced that it has partnered with two U.S. original equipment manufacturing facilities to produce its solar mounting solutions. The company declined to disclose the manufacturers to Solar Power World.

Located in Michigan and Florida, the facilities will help Polar Racking meet the growing demand for U.S. manufactured solar mounting solutions, reduce lead times and help build the domestic solar industry market. The Michigan OEM line is running now, and the Florida line is expected to start producing by this summer.

“The expansion of Polar Racking’s manufacturing operations is in response to our customers’ needs to meet the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) domestic content requirements,” said Vishal Lala, managing director of Polar Racking. “Polar Racking supports the government’s initiative to re-shore the PV supply chain to create local jobs and bolster the local economy.”

News item from Polar Racking


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