Qihe County’s Commitment to Sustainable Energy


Solar-Powered Economic Growth: Qihe County’s Commitment to Sustainable Energy

by Simon Mansfield

Sydney, Australia (SPX) Dec 04, 2023

Dezhou’s Qihe county, located in China’s Shandong province, is making significant headway in its green energy initiatives, particularly within its economic development zone. Local officials have emphasized the success of these initiatives, which are not only contributing to the region’s environmental goals but also bolstering economic development.

Zhao Jun, the director of the Comprehensive Management Department of the Shandong Qihe Economic Development Zone, highlighted the tangible impacts of these initiatives. “Now, government units in the development zone are self-sufficient in terms of power demand in office space, thanks to the photovoltaic project in the parking lot,” Zhao said. This self-sufficiency is primarily attributed to the effective use of solar power, which meets all the office electricity demands in the zone.

The Qihe Economic Development Zone, now recognized as a “Green Industrial Park” in Shandong, has been a frontrunner in the region’s green transition efforts. A noteworthy milestone was achieved in February when the park undertook renovations and upgrades of parking lots in its office areas. These upgrades included the addition of PV panels on parking sheds, covering an area of 864 square meters. The solar panels installed have been remarkably productive, generating about 170,000 kilowatt-hours of power.

In a broader expansion of this green initiative, the development zone has embarked on a project to build more solar-powered parking lots along 13 roads. To date, four roadside parking lots encompassing over 2,000 parking spaces have been completed. The solar power output from this sector alone has reached an impressive 1.4 million kWh.

Furthermore, the development zone has strategically utilized the large amount of workshop roofs of settled companies in the park to promote distributed photovoltaic installation projects. This move not only improves the aesthetic appeal of the facilities but also brings additional profits to the companies involved.

These green efforts have been met with enthusiasm from the companies in the park, evidencing a growing trend where businesses actively seek and support sustainable practices. The park authorities have disclosed plans for more green projects, aiming to further the goal of green energy development and establishing a net-zero park.

The scale of photovoltaic power coverage in the park is a testament to the ambitious goals of Qihe county. To date, 80,000 square meters in the park has been covered by photovoltaic power, boasting an installed capacity of 11 megawatts. This significant installation is a clear indicator of Qihe’s commitment to sustainable energy solutions and a greener future.

Based on a Xinhua News Agency article

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