Qmerit certified electricians to install GM Energy’s suite of EV and ESS products



GM Energy will work with Qmerit’s network of certified installers for GM Energy’s suite of residential products, including its bidirectional EV charger and energy storage devices.

This new arrangement builds on Qmerit’s long-standing relationship with General Motors. Qmerit’s assessment platform and national network of certified electricians will help ensure a streamlined, seamless installation process for GM Energy’s full suite of residential electrification products and technologies. These include the GM Energy PowerShift Charger and the GM Energy V2H Enablement Kit, among other products.

Combined with GM’s Energy Cloud software, these components will enable customers to manage back-and-forth energy flows among the EV, home and stationary storage.

“As GM continues to advance its vision of an all-electric future, our new energy management product and service offerings will help make EV ownership an even more compelling option,” says Wade Sheffer, VP of GM Energy. “By expanding our collaboration with Qmerit as a preferred installer, more customers will have access to the extended benefits of EV technology and participate in a larger energy ecosystem than ever before.”

News item from Qmerit


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