Redback Ready For Dynamic Solar In QLD


The Sunshine State puzzles me sometimes.

Despite producing amazing things like Bluey and the Go Betweens, I think sometimes they’ve just had to much sun. Or at least the people who introduced the emergency backstop GSD device are at best a bit backward. We have detailed before the poorly executed plans and since then I’ve noted that inverter makers have specifically rated machines for 9999w to skirt the rules, while anecdotally installers may have accidentally forgotten to properly commission the much despised GSD devices.

Dynamic Connections: The Smart Way To Control Solar

Happily there is now an alternative to GSD when it comes to throttling solar panels in QLD. South Australia’s development of Flexible Exports has been picked up by Energy Queensland, renamed Dynamic Connections and deployed to help control variable renewable resources.

This is a much nicer solution. GSD kills the power to your solar inverter and your house is immediately reliant on the grid while GSD is active. But Dynamic Connections allow your inverter to carry on powering your home – it simply reduces how much power is exported.

Redback Are Leading the Charge

Brisbane-based Redback Technologies has achieved a first, becoming the inaugural inverter manufacturer to receive native certification for compliance with Queensland’s Dynamic Connections for energy exports. This milestone is not just a feather in the cap for Redback Technologies; it represents a significant shift in how solar energy is managed at the domestic level.

Understanding Dynamic Connections

Dynamic Connections, offered in Queensland by Energex and Ergon Energy, represent a smarter, more flexible option for solar systems with compliant inverters. They adjust the export limits based on network demand, allowing homeowners to export more excess energy compared to traditional fixed export connections. This innovation is integral to accommodating the high density of solar energy systems in Queensland and preventing network saturation during peak times.

Redback Aren’t The Only Players

Catch Power have enabled Dynamic Connections with lots of inverter makers, in many cases being the only way to be a part of the new scheme. But it means adding their $447 Catch Solar Relay to your switchboard.

However choosing a Redback Smart Inverter, Smart Hybrid System, or Smart 3-Phase Hybrid System means customers in Queensland can now opt for a Dynamic Connection instead of a fixed one, and have a single point of technical and warranty support.

Choosing a dynamic connection means you can export up to 10kW per phase, doubling the standard 5kW export limit. This enhancement is not just about maximising the return on solar investments, better still in means displacing fossil fuel in a state where coal is still a huge part of the generation profile.

Technically that probably wants a mechanical barrier to stop your car hitting it.

Benefits Galore

Dynamic Connections open up numerous advantages for QLD homeowners:

  1. Increased Export Limits: Homeowners can potentially double the amount of solar energy exported, significantly reducing power bills through enhanced feed-in tariffs.
  2. Flexibility for Home Systems: Even single-phase homes can connect up to 10kW of solar and battery energy storage without upgrading to a three-phase connection.
  3. Expanded Capacity for Existing Systems: Those with large solar installations can now consider adding a battery system, overcoming previous limitations imposed by fixed connections.
  4. Cost-Effective and Simplified Installation: Redback’s systems are equipped for Dynamic Connections without needing additional third-party hardware.

All of those stickers in the warning label kit don’t actually apply to this BESS… but they’ve been applied here.

Making the Switch

If you’re a Queensland resident with an existing solar system, transitioning to a Dynamic Connection is worth exploring.

To explore the feasibility of switching to a Dynamic Connection, reaching out to a solar installer or directly to Redback Technologies is an excellent first step.


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