Solar Insure unveils insurance-backed warranty coverage for residential solar systems



Solar Insure has launched SolarDetect, a new offering for residential solar owners that provides long-term support of their arrays, separate from the initial installer and product brands.

“In the solar industry, long-term protection and reliable system warranties have been scarce until now,” said Ara Agopian, founder and CEO of Solar Insure. “By launching our latest offering, SolarDetect, we give homeowners the much needed additional confidence in their solar ownership process.

“Our SolarDetect product was designed to cover the lifetime of a owner’s solar,” continued Agopian. “We understand and expect that the integration of our warranty product will actually help solar companies sell their products to homeowners. By adding the warranty, homeowners can now be confident in the long-term return on their investment.”

Key features of SolarDetect include:

  • Solar System Warranty: The SolarDetect program offers insurance-backed warranty coverage, ensuring a solar investment is protected.
  • Monitoring Support: After an onsite inspection, hardware is installed that will monitor the production of the solar system and the consumption of the homeowner, including a homeowner-facing energy management app. This app will help homeowners learn how they are using their clean energy and where they may be able to save when it comes to their electricity usage.
  • Low Monthly Fee: SolarDetect eliminates this burden, offering coverage with no hidden expenses when the solar system requires repairs.
  • Legacy System Support: Solar Insure recognizes the importance of preserving legacy solar systems. All inverters on our approved vendor list, including reputable companies like Enphase and SolarEdge, can now be covered through the SolarDetect warranty. This initiative ensures that legacy systems continue to operate efficiently, even if a solar manufacturer goes out of business.
  • Reliable Insurance Partner: Solar Insure partnered with Zurich North America, a trusted industry leader, to provide homeowners with the backing of a renowned insurance company. Homeowners can have confidence in the reliability and financial stability of our warranty coverage.

As with any other technology or innovation, breakdowns can occur. SolarDetect bridges the gap by providing much-needed repairs and support, transforming headaches into hassle-free solar ownership.

SolarDetect is now available in California, Texas, Utah and New Mexico and is set to launch in additional states in 2024, providing homeowners with the support and assurance they deserve.

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