Solar panels are helpful to preserving our enviornment and helps you save money. Solar systems convert sunlight into electricity to power your home sustainably. Installing home solar panels reduces your dependence on traditional energy sources, lowers your carbon footprint, and helps you save money on energy costs. At EmPower Solar, we can help you determine your potential cost savings and the initial investment required to install solar panels.

How Do Home Solar Panels Work?

We install your solar panels where they can get the most sun. During the day, these panels collect sunlight and convert it into electricity. This electricity is transferred through your system’s inverter and changed into a usable form for your home. Any unused energy is sent to the electric utility’s grid, where it can be used to power other buildings and homes.

How Much Power Does a Solar Panel Produce?

The amount of power a solar panel produces is affected by various factors, such as the direction and pitch of your roof. This is because these factors directly impact the amount of sunlight that can reach the panels. Our solar panels produce 60% more energy than conventional panels, with most solar panels ranging from 300 to 415 watts per panel.

What Are the Benefits of Installing Solar Panels?

Solar panels use sunlight to create energy for your home, allowing you to power your appliances and rely less on the electric utility grid. There are various benefits of installing solar panels on your home, including but not lmited to:

Cost Savings

Installing a solar system can reduce or eliminate your electricity bills. For the average homeowner, a solar system can pay for itself within 5-7 years. Homeowners can save more than $100,000 and see a return on investment of around 15-20% when considering the annual increase in electricity costs and other factors.


Solar energy relies on sunlight, which is an abundant and renewable resource. Using solar panels helps reduce greenhouse gas emissions and other pollutants. This makes it a clean and reliable energy source that can contribute to a healthier environment.

Energy Independence

Solar panels can provide a level of energy independence by generating power on-site, reducing your reliance on external energy sources. To achieve more energy independence, you can install a home battery backup. These backup batteries store solar energy to power your home during grid power outages. They can be used during tropical storms, blizzards, and other natural disasters or weather events that can damage the grid.

How Much Does It Cost To Install Solar Panels?

There are various factors that can determine the final cost for solar panels and installation, including:

  • Average electricity usage
  • Roof space and orientation
  • The amount of shade covering your home
  • Panel preference

You can purchase, finance, or lease your solar system. We consider your income, credit score, and the lifetime value of your solar system to connect you with the best option for your situation.

Install Home Solar Panels Today

Investing in home solar panels can bring long-term financial and environmental benefits. Adding them to your home can lead to cost savings, sustainability, and energy independence. At EmPower Solar, we can estimate your energy needs and create a custom-designed solar energy system for your home. Make an appointment today to learn more about solar energy and receive a quote.

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Save up to 30% on day one and say goodbye to rising electric bills

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