Top 10 Use of Small Solar Panel / Mini Solar Panel / DIY Solar Panel


When you invest in small solar panels, not only will you have the ability to make the exterior of your home/ business/ shop more tasteful and luxurious, but you will also be able to diminish your carbon footprint and decrease your energy bills. Solar panels are becoming more and more popular these days and can be easily spotted while on the street. Mini solar panels are now very commonly seen in homes, at street shops, on roads, etc. Mini solar panels can also be used for DIY projects and solar school science projects.

1. Home Lighting System

home lighting system

There are a variety of ways to ensure that your home has the most effective systems in place, and you can achieve that by utilizing energy-efficient lighting. There are numerous types of home lighting systems that you can utilize, especially for your outdoor areas. One of the important applications is in solar fence lighting. Investing in solar home lighting will enable you to lower your energy bill as well as add to the aesthetic value.


2. School Projects

solar panel for projects

A solar system installed at one’s school/ college would make a child more inquisitive about the idea of going solar. It could become a good source of learning about alternative sources of power. Modern-day schools and colleges have a high requirement of power since most of them are centrally air-conditioned. Today’s schools have lifts and sophisticated lighting requirements that require more electricity. As such installing solar panels completely make sense for such organizations.


3. Street Light

street light

Solar Street lights can be either standalone systems or centrally operated. The standalone solar street lighting system comprises a Solar Panel, Lead-acid battery for Energy Storage, Compact Fluorescent Lamp (CFL)/ LED lights as a light source, suitable electronics, and hardware like a pole, battery box for fixing of these subsystems. The system is controlled by an automatic ON/OFF time switch, which controls the light from dusk till morning or other setting time. Since there are no wires associated with the solar street lights, there is less risk of accidents. The maintenance associated with solar lights is very less as compared to the other street lights.


4. Solar Panel Cleaning Robot

solar panel cleaning robot

Solar Panels are exposed to the environment – sun, wind, dust, rain, etc.  Pollen, bird droppings, dirt, and dust can build up on solar panels. There is a 10-15% decrease in solar output when solar panels are dirty. Hence the importance of solar cleaning from time to time. Nowadays, one can use a solar cleaning robot to ease the cleaning process and small solar panels are finding increasing usage in them.

5. Solar Fencing

solar fencing

Solar fencing uses solar to supply power to the fences. It is generally done to prevent trespassing. The fences are charged using solar panels and send ripples of shocks to anyone who tries to enter without authorization. Securing your property has become the need of the hour in today’s time and using solar power for the same results in huge savings. It is low maintenance and also highly reliable.


6. Outdoor Camping

outdoor camping

Small solar panels are extremely useful for outdoor camping gadgets like small power chargers, portable lights, backpacks, solar-powered barbecues, etc. Plenty of power banks capable of charging by solar energy are available in the market. There is no need for sockets to charge your camping gadgets. A small solar panel is sufficient to do the job. You only need plenty of sunlight during the day. Recharge your gadgets during the day and you are good the whole day.


7. Traffic Signals

traffic signals

It is very common to see small solar panels on traffic lights these days. These traffic signals are powered by solar panels and control the flow of traffic each day. They can be completely solar-powered and operate independently. They are low maintenance and very reliable. Cities getting ample sunlight can make the most of these.

8. Street Shops

solar panel for street shop

Solar panels are finding increased application in street shops, kiosks, and carts. These are easy and efficient means to light a small cart and to run a humble business. Since these carts are shops on wheels without engines, they can be transported and positioned in any location depending on the sunlight. Using solar panels as a power source further adds to the mobility and usage of these carts/ kiosks.



A small solar panels are used for portable solar applications, such as home lighting systems, School Science Projects, Government Tenders, Solar Panel Cleaning Utilities, street shops, street lights, road crossings and more. But, product availability of mini solar panels is limited. To solve this problem, Loom Solar has best quality portable solar panels for these solar applications, such as 10W, 20W, 40W & 50W in Polycrystalline & Monocrystalline solar cells technology. You can contact and buy from and local retail shops.


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