Transforming Rock’s Church into a Green Oasis: GoodWe’s Eco-Friendly Collaboration


In an effort to embrace sustainability and reduce their carbon footprint, Rock’s Church, a local Christian church in Brisbane, Queensland, partnered with GoodWe, a leading global provider of solar inverters and energy solutions, for a groundbreaking eco-friendly project. This blog highlights the recent collaboration between GoodWe and its installation partner, UV Power. They successfully implemented a 9.135kW solar power system tailored to meet the unique needs of Rock’s Church. The church also features a 10kW GoodWe inverter and EV charger. The new renewable features have transformed the church into a green oasis.

Challenges and the need for a green solution

With electricity bills in Queensland set to rise by 30% starting July 1st, 2023, Rock’s Church faced the pressing issue of soaring electricity expenses. Their annual electricity costs were already surpassing $3,000 and were projected to exceed $4,000 under the revised pricing structure. Seeking a sustainable and cost-effective solution, the church decided to explore the potential of installing a solar system.

Overcoming roofing challenges for Rock’s Church

One major hurdle Rock’s Church encountered was the state of their aging roof. The roof had undergone partial repairs to address leakage issues, rendering it vulnerable. Traditional solar panels, which required drilling, posed a risk to the roof’s integrity. In response, UV Power proposed an innovative solution: GoodWe’s Galaxy 315W solar panels from their BIPV range. These lightweight panels, weighing only 5.6kg per m2, could be securely adhered to the roof surface without the need for drilling. This would preserve the roof’s structural integrity and mitigate potential risks.

The cutting-edge Galaxy Series

GoodWe’s Galaxy series of solar panels proved to be a game-changer for Rock’s Church. Featuring an ultra-lightweight and frameless design, these panels were particularly suitable for patio roofs with low load-bearing capacity and compromised waterproofing. Despite these challenges, the Galaxy series guaranteed high power generation efficiency. This would ensure the church could harness solar energy effectively and sustainably. Additionally, the panels’ incorporation of 1.6mm ultra-thin glass bolstered their resilience against hail and strong winds.

A seamless installation process

UV Power, a long-standing partner of GoodWe, expressed their satisfaction with the Galaxy Series, highlighting how the panels significantly simplified the installation process. Thanks to the panels’ user-friendly design, they were able to secure them to the roof surface quickly. The installation showcased the efficiency and convenience of GoodWe’s innovative solutions.

“We’ve been working closely with GoodWe for over 4 years now, and we’ve built a solid trust in the quality of their products and sales service. Even though it is our first experience with their Galaxy Series, we found the product incredibly easy to install. We secured them to the roof within just 5 minutes.” shared the spokesman from UV Power.

The vision of a green church

Hanny, the pastor of Rock’s Church, expressed enthusiasm, “GoodWe’s expertise and innovative solutions have enabled us to overcome the challenges posed by our aging roof. With the customised solution, we’re expecting to reduce our electricity expenses and fulfil our vision of transforming into a green church.”

Empowering a green future

GoodWe’s collaboration with UV Power not only transformed Rock’s Church but also contributed to their low carbon footprint.

“We are proud to work with UV Power to provide this solar panel system for Rock’s Church. The inclusion of BIPV products in GoodWe’s product portfolio makes us a more comprehensive energy solution provider. We take pride in empowering organisations to embrace renewable energy solutions and reduce their carbon footprint.” stated Apollo Chai, Head of GoodWe Australia BIPV Marketing.

The successful partnership between GoodWe and UV Power marks a significant step towards sustainability for Rock’s Church. Through the installation of GoodWe’s Galaxy 315W solar panels and associated energy solutions, the church is poised to enjoy reduced electricity consumption and embrace a greener future. GoodWe’s commitment to sustainability also extends to supporting the upcoming 2032 Brisbane Olympics, where their smart energy solutions will play a crucial role in building a green Olympics for the city.

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