What major problems can be solved in the solar sector using Generative


Now-a-days, people are talking of new technology – Generative AI. A few years ago, we were talking on the internet and were thinking how the internet can help in our daily life. At present, the internet is a part of our daily life. Most devices are connected through the internet. Recently, we have attended two events – Global Submit Business and The Leader’s Circle CXO Masterclass. We heard about a new term – Generative AI. From that time, we started to find various applications of Generative AI in the solar sector. 

According to Greenmatch, Generative AI is being used to predict energy demandoptimize energy storage, and improve energy efficiency. AI is also used in solar marketing to design creatives, writing content, and making educational videos for training purposes. It has an IoT based device which relates to Google Cloud. It can solve text, image & code generation, text & code rewriting & formatting, summarization, extractive, Q&A, image, and video descriptions.


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